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Rescue Fund for Martin... please help!

January 30, 2018, 9:23 pm

As many of you may have heard by now, our dear colleague, Martin Hofmann, is missing since he went hiking in the mountains in Japan, on the 21st of January.

His daughter, Johanna Hofmann, has set up a rescue fund: CLICK HERE.

"On 21st of January 2018 my father Martin Hofmann climbed Mount Nikko Shirane in Japan and got caught in a snow storm. We wanted to send rescue teams up immediatly, but the weather was bad for almost a week and nobody could reach the peak. Finally the weather is better and rescue teams can get up, but hopes to find my father still alive are getting lower and lower. My mother is devastated and on top of her grief, and having to be strong for my little sister and brother, she will have to face immense costs for the rescuing, especially if my father doesn't come back.I want to help her in this terrible time and at least try to take one of the burdens off her shoulders.And this is where you can help. Every Euro, Pound or Dollar will help my mother to get over this hard time and to cover all costs. Thank you very much for all of you help.”

Please help as you can, either by contributing to the fund, or by spreading the word.

Our thoughts are with his family, in these wretched times, and we hope that Martin is soon safely reunited with them!

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