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Steering Committee Membership Election 2019


The FSCD SC consists of the SC Chair, 6 elected members, PC Chairs of the last 3 years, the Publicity Chair, Workshop Chair and former SC Chair. Every year the outgoing elected SC members are replaced by new members elected by a secret ballot. Each SC member normally serves for 3 years, unless exceptions (see the FSCD Rules of Business for details).

Candidates for SC membership are requested to email the FSCD SC Chair an election statement (including a brief bio) on one a4 page, preferably in PDF, no later than Monday 10 June 2019. The election statements will be posted on the FSCD webpage before the start of FSCD 2019. The election will take place at the General Meeting, FSCD 2019, 24-30 June, Dortmund.

Delia Kesner


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