Rules of Business

  1. Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction (FSCD) is an annual conference.
  2. The General Meeting (abbreviated GM in the sequel) is held during every conference. The GM is legal regardless of the number of attendees. All conference participants can attend and vote. Voting is open to all the participants and by simple majority unless stated otherwise.
  3. The agenda of the GM includes the following:
    • Report of the Programme Committee (PC) Chair;
    • Report of the Conference Chair (CC);
    • Election of new Steering Committee (SC) members as defined in 4;
    • Presentation of the PC Chair for FSCD+1, according to 8;
    • Presentation and selection of proposals to organise FSCD+2 as defined in 10;
    • Publication policy (at least once every 5 years).
  4. The FSCD SC consists of the SC Chair, 6 elected members, PC Chairs of the last 3 years, the Publicity Chair, Workshop Chair and former SC Chair. Every year the SC is joined by the current PC (co)Chair(s), and the outgoing elected SC members are replaced by new members elected by a secret ballot. Each SC member normally serves for 3 years, see rule 6, 11 and 12 for the exceptions. Each SC member has at most one vote and former PC co-chairs share a single vote.
  5. Names of candidate for the SC should be submitted to the SC Chair two weeks before the conference and made available to participants prior to the conference.
  6. The SC Chair is elected before every third conference from within the SC excluding the current and former SC chairs, and takes office after that conference. The SC Chair serves 3 years, and then becomes the former SC Chair and remains on the SC for the following 3 years. The election of the SC Chair takes place one year prior to taking office to ensure a smooth handover.
  7. The SC is responsible for the following tasks:
    • Select the PC Chair, according to 8;
    • Solicit proposals for the organisation of future FSCD conferences;
    • Call and preside over the GM;
    • Solicit nominations for SC as defined in 5;
    • Solicit nominations for FSCD+2 organisation as detailed in 10;
    • Select the FSCD Publicity Chair;
    • Select the FSCD Workshop Chair;
  8. The PC Chair is responsible for the scientific programme of the conference. The PC Chair is selected by the SC and presented to the GM in accordance with 3rd. The PC Chair selects the remaining members of the PC.
  9. The PC Chair cannot submit papers. A paper authored or co-authored by a PC member should be accepted only if it is well above the borderline and requires no serious discussion.
  10. The organisation (including financials) of the conference is the sole responsibility of the CC, who selects the remaining members of the organising committee, including the Local Workshop Chair. Two years before the conference, the GM selects a proposal to host FSCD. The GM’s vote is advisory; the final decision is the responsibility of the SC.
  11. The Publicity Chair is responsible for the dissemination of relevant information concerning the conference (e.g. call for papers) in order to reach the largest possible appropriate audience. The Publicity Chair is also responsible for keeping a record of all relevant data concerning the past, present and future editions of FSCD, as well as maintaining the conference web site. The Publicity Chair serves for 4 years.
  12. The FSCD Workshop Chair, together with the Local Workshop Chair, is responsible for selecting the associated workshops, structuring the workshop period and co-located events, and reporting to the SC. The FSCD Workshop Chair serves for 4 years.

Download the Rules of Business in PDF here.